Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Winter Garden, 2009

Waiting room of the Radiation Oncology department: inkjet print laminated on glass, LED lights, steel, 63.5 x 104.4 cm (each light box).

Integration projet of art and architecture for the waiting room of the radiation-oncology departement of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.
Twelve light boxes placed on a large stone wall act as windows open outwards and animate the space in their content and colour. Foremost among these images, we found macrophotography of buds or flower buds that open in the spring. These images show more clearly the details of shapes, textures and colours. In the background, twelve cityscapes contrast by evoking urban life and the daily movement of city dwellers. The juxtaposition of these two worlds reflect the relationship to time and allows to capture the beauty of nature.